The Magician's Sin

Titan City, 1933

The wizard Anson Walker's cynical retirement is thrown into chaos when the daughter of his ex-wife hires him to rescue her mother. Her kidnapping is only days before the Aberration, a cosmic event every century when the rules of magic don't apply. As Anson dives into the criminal underworld of Titan City, he uncovers an ancient conspiracy, the return of a decades-old nemesis, and dredges up feelings he thought long gone. Will he rescue his old flame, or succumb to the sinister forces arrayed against him?

Coming to E-book, Paperback, and Hardcover 05/03/2019

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Meet Alexander Thomas

I'm an author, a game designer, dog lover, karaoke enthusiast, and all around nerd. You may know me from my work on roleplaying games including Mutants & Masterminds for Green Ronin and New Millennium Games, as well as Quantum Black. My debut novel: The Magician's Sin is available in E-Book, Paperback, and Hardcover now, courtesy of Kyanite Publishing.

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