The Face of Titan City

Titan City District Map.jpg

I’m hard at work producing some more content for The Titan City Chronicles and the next novel: The Titan’s Gambit, but I figured it was about time I shared a rough map of Titan City itself!

I plan on working with a cartographer to create a true 1930s style city map, but this should help with keeping of track of where these stories are happening in the interim.

Keep your eyes here in the coming weeks for new Titan City content. I can’t wait to share more of this universe with you.

Madness at Miracle Mile

Titan City 1931

“What did you say this was again?” Anson Walker prodded the leathery, brown sac with a pen. It was almost as tall and wide as the desk upon which it sat and excreted a musty, oily smell. A keel-like ridge sloped along the center, ending in a slight curl at the edge. It pulsated with an even rhythm and put off enough heat to warm the office several degrees.